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Mobile Devices

For the mobile business entrepreneur, we can interface your SmartPhone or any PDA device. With the right peripherals, you can interface your existing devices to securely process payments no matter where you are. We give you the flexibility to process any transaction, any time, any where!!!   >> shop online

mobile terminals

Enhance Customer Service

  • Always connected & cost-effective by using your existing SmartPhone
  • The perfect wireless solution that is available in any part of the world
  • Customers always have the feeling of being in control of their transaction

Wireless Terminals

Many retailers who deliver products and services often limit payment options to cash only. Without phone lines and electrical outlets, give your on-the-move team access process all credit and debit card transactions.  We can help you bring the point of sale to the point of service. >> shop online

Expand Your Territory

  • Conduct business where phone lines and electrical power don’t exist
  • Get authorization in seconds for fast, convenient transactions
  • Enjoy card-present rates without a phone line connection
mobile terminals

eCommerce Solutions

Are you losing business by not accepting online payments? The Internet gives access to an estimated 8 billion customers every day. You can start accepting payments on your current website with our  Merchant PlusMerchant Cart Plus or create a state-of-the-art eCommerce Storefront. We build platforms to grow your business. >> shop online

Online eCommerce Solutions

Help Your Business Grow

  • Reach the global market & enable business transactions 24 hrs a day
  • Reduces marketing cost and significantly increase sales and profit
  • More convenient and time saving than conventional shopping

Countertop Terminals

Get the latest technology for complete Point of Sale systems, Inventory tracking, report generation, networked terminals, printers and PIN pads from all the top manufacturers. We deliver fully programmed & processing-ready point of sale systems and terminals to your place of business.  >> shop online

mobile terminals

Increase Your Flexibility

  • Immediate transaction authorization that supply customers a printed, signed receipt
  • Compact design requires limited space
  • Clerks can use logins that allow managers to track and report on sales