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Why Ask The Advisor?

As a Merchant Advisor we examine statements to locate concealed expenses, fees, processing problems or issues that can put you into a higher rate processing category.

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Payment Solutions

Whether you operate a retail store, restaurant, healthcare office, home base mail order/telephone order business, provide business-to-business goods and services, a Church, Club, and Organization or manage a government agency, we can advise you on a solution to optimize your processing needs.

With our assistance, your customers can do business with you in the way that's most convenient for them, which translates into more sales for your business. We will advise your business on the proper procedures in accepting credit cards, debit cards, checks, gift cards for payment at your store, over the phone and even over the internet. Whether you're processing point-of-sale or online transactions, you can quickly and effectively complete your customer's purchase; which is why we have specifically chosen certain products to support your business.

Whether you want to accept credit and debit cards, offer electronic gift cards, process checks electronically, reduce check fraud or expand into e-commerce. Our manufacturing partners offer a broad range of innovative payment solutions that increase revenues, decrease costs and keep our customers competitive in a rapidly changing world.

Retail Rates as Low as 1.69% Mobile Devices - Get the flexibility every mobile entrepreneur needs. With the right peripherals, we can interface your SmartPhone or any PDA device to securely take credit and debit card transactions.
Convenient Payment Types Payment Types - Achieve greater control of your cash flow, minimize your collections risk, and better serve your customers with our wide variety of convenient payment options.
Custom Software Solutions Processing Solutions - No matter the size of your operation, you can take charge when you get a FREE merchant analysis . Whether you require a POS terminal, a software solution or a custom VAR interface, we can deliver.
Prepaid Gift Cards Prepaid & Gift - Provide your customers with more payment choices, while adding value to your business.  We can advise.
Electronic Check reduces costs Electronic Check - We can advise you on an Electronic Check Service to reduces the costs and risks of accepting both business and personal checks while speeding access to your funds, by converting paper checks into electronic transactions.
Secure Online eCommerce Payments eCommerce - Allow our web team to boost your confidence in your Web presence by building a beautiful ecommerce site that would deter fraud while providing simple, secure payment choices for your customers.